2018: Getting started with Chatbots – 10 recommendations for companies


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Published on January 24, 2018

2017 was really the year of the Chatbots, they experienced a boost in popularity and companies started using them on a massive scale. The number of Chatbots on Facebook messenger has risen sharply between 2016 and 2017: from 30.000 to 100.000 bots. And that is with reason: Chatbots can help companies with proactive customer support. Every large company has a Chatbot or has announced its development of a bot and billions of people worldwide are already using the bots. It is therefore estimated that by the year 2020 almost 80% of the companies will have their own Chatbot. This is really the time to get started with Chatbots. So go along with this hype and integrate the bot into your company. Curious about the do’s & don’ts? Be sure to read these 10 recommendations for companies.

1. Let your bot be a complement and not a replacement:

The biggest misconception regarding the bots is that they will take over services and jobs altogether, however, the truth is that they can especially be used to replace apps and to minimize human efforts while producing more productive results. Chatbots can interact with people within a certain scope, if the question falls outside their predefined tasks, then the bots directs the customers to their human colleagues.

2. Create lower operating costs thanks to the bot:

Chatbots will mainly focus themselves on repetitive tasks, while your employees can focus on more complex problems. They will not completely replace employees, but will ensure that you need a smaller operational team. The nice thing about a Chatbot is that they are available 24/7, which makes it possible for your company to help customers directly. Does the customer’s question fall outside their scope? Then they have to forward the customer, but they can already request all the necessary information and forward this to their colleague.

3. Customers like to use Chatbots, so do not disappoint them:

People love to discover new technology, this is also the case with the bots. But a smooth interaction is really the key to success, a bot that does not function properly will only generate irritation from the customer. So make sure that your Chatbot works professionally and flawlessly, fits your company, has good language skills, can be used on different types of devices and has clear tasks.

4. Bots require constant evaluation and optimization:

The performance of your Chatbot must be monitored and evaluated regularly, with regard to user experiences, linguistic possibilities and usability. Companies can introduce the necessary changes to make the bot even more efficient. Optimize the Chatbot regularly: set the right goals, vary with the welcome messages, include additional information about the company, add new products, enter price changes and send new and attractive offers.

5. Boost customer loyalty through excellent customer service:

Customers expect a simple but clear and efficient interaction with a company. The bots can be used very well for this purpose: they understand the issue immediately and can directly offer a suitable solution. And because of the 24/7 interaction, a customer never needs to wait for the opening hours of your company’s customer service, they are simply helped immediately. And such good service ensures loyal customers, stronger customer relations, good reviews and a boost from your company.

6. Use the Chatbot for the marketing and sales of your company:

In addition to customer service, the bots can also be used very well for marketing and sales purposes. Think of improving customer engagement through personalized customer interactions, offering guidance during every step of the sale, predicting customer behavior and using this knowledge to send notifications, creating greater reach through social media and finding the right audience for your brand.

7. Improve your customer service and sales thanks to the bot:

Chatbots can easily collect customer information (name, profession, website or social media profiles) with which they can compose customer profiles. And this can again be used for both customer service and sales activities. Through the 24/7 interaction, the bot forms the bridge between your brand and your customers, so they can help customers by answering questions but also by delivering product information.

8. Let your bot promote new products and/or services:

Chatbots have a huge range and can check perfectly which customer is interested in which service or product. They can therefore also be used very effectively to promote new products and/or services, without the risk of customers becoming irritated by the “spam” they receive and in which they are not interested at all. Through the bots, customers only receive advertisements that actually fit their preferences and profile.

9. Transform your marketing strategy through a Chatbot:

In marketing, of course, it is all about reaching the right audience and this is something in which the Chatbot is very talented. A bot can predict the preferences and interests of customers by monitoring customer behavior and following the interests of customers, on the basis of which customers can be contacted. Through this they can build good customer relationships and have the ability to persuade consumers to buy something by proposing preferred items.

10. Let your bot advise clients:

Does a customer doubt a particular purchase? Even in this case, they can direct themselves to the Chatbot. By analyzing various facts about the customer profile, the bots can offer customers various options that suit them. This way, they can advise (potential) customers on which products and/or services is a good match for them. Does the customer have interest in a particular item? Then the Chatbot can always suggest similar products.
As you already noticed, the possibilities are endless. So what are you waiting for? Let 2018 be the year that your company will also enjoy the many advantages of the Chatbots.

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