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Published on January 24, 2018

Every company needs dedicated customers who are well aware of the latest offer and know the benefits of these offerings. It is the marketing team that stimulates this or generates customers from the leads. The communication and marketing of the product or service.

Generating leads

The sales funnel starts broadly with the marketing and narrowly with the actual sale, so in the beginning of the funnel there is the marketing team that communicates with customers about a wide range of subjects. A variety of customers approach a variety of channels, both online and offline. Through this, they are informed about the services, this forms the first leads interface with the company, and it is the marketing team that deals with these approaches. During this internship, the leads are called “Marketing Qualified Leads” (MQL). A company has many MQLs and some customers will actually buy the product at the end of the funnel, in the Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).

Marketing – from traditional to modern

In the past, before the internet became popular, customers had very limited access to information. In most cases, customers had to visit the company’s store or receive information via mail, radio or television. This traditional marketing communication still exists, but the biggest disadvantage of this is that they only have one message for all customers. But those with doubts, are not convinced by this. And that is, or course, a shame.

The first step towards one-on-one interaction with the customers with live chats. A customer opens the website of a company, reads information and starts a conversation with an employee via the chat. However, the disadvantage of this child of traditional, live chats is that they are very labor intensive and therefore can be applied to a limited extent. But thanks to Chatbots this has become a more realistic option.

Chatbots – one-on-one conversations on a large scale

Thanks to “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) and “Machine Learning” (ML), computers have become increasingly better at communicating with users. Therefore Chatbots are used more and more. Thus, on the one hand, they have a better language skills while they also have a relatively low customer contact.

Thanks to the Chatbots, all customers can have one-on-one conversations with a representative of the company, without having to wait in long queues. This gives them a personal customer experience and they answer all their questions. Often this happens without the customers realizing that they are chatting with is not really a person.

Chatbots – also very suitable for the sales team

But Chatbots are not only useful for the marketing department, because the sales department can also make good use of them. You can get the job done online. “Marketing Qualified Leads” (MQL) to the more specific “Sales Qualified Leads” (SQL), when the customer is . Since Chatbots can help during the entire sales funnel, they provide a higher level of continuous customer retention and can provide the sales team with the necessary data to close the sale.

Chatbots are very sophisticated nowadays, they have excellent language skills and can be used in many ways in the communication with customers. In this way they provide a personal customer experience that is efficient, fast and virtually effortless for both the customer and the company.

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