Communication automation via Facebook Messenger!

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Published on January 24, 2018

Communication automation via Facebook Messenger – the new tool for marketing automation

Communication and marketing automation is booming business, because this greatly facilitates communication with customers. Furthermore, it also ensures that many more customers can be reached in an efficient manner. But how does this work exactly? First it is important to understand what marketing automation exactly entail

What is marketing automation?

As the name implies, marketing automation has everything to do with the automation of marketing activities. Think of maintaining contacts, communicating with customers, campaign management, giving the right information at the right time and gathering data. Marketing automation thus makes it possible to automate certain phases of the marketing process, or in some cases even the entire process. This makes the marketing of a company more efficient and effective. In short, the scalability of marketing is growing through automation, because you can reach a much larger number of customers.

A marketing department carries out certain, repeated marketing activities that can be automated very well, for example, sending emails and managing the social media channels. Many marketing automation systems use email as the main communication channel. However, email is often not the most user-friendly method.

The shortcomings of email

People receive a lot of email, so they lose their overview and there is a big chance that they will miss your message. Furthermore, reading email is very time-consuming and does not provide customers with a fully integrated user experience. You can provide your customer with certain information by email, but what do you do if they want more information? Then you can refer them in your email to a certain link, but to get here they have to change the browser again and wait for a certain page to be loaded.

What if you can make sure that this is not necessary at all and your customer can receive all the information without having to change the communication channel? This is much more user-friendly. Would you like that? Then Facebook Messenger is perfect for you.

Facebook Messenger as a marketing automation channel

Facebook Messenger, who doesn’t use it? The use of this tool is widespread and is growing strongly. Many of your customers will use this for personal use and have the App on their phone. What if you can also use this for your communication automation? This way you can send people targeted, timely messages in which they are actually interested.

It may sound too good to be true, but that is certainly not the case since Facebook launched the Messenger Platform. Since then, people have developed Chatbots on this platform that can be used for communication with customers. With this new marketing automation channel you can reach even more people in a fast and efficient way. And that is not all, the use of the Chatbots is also much more user-friendly and easier for your target group. This way, the customer can control what information they want to receive or not. The communication then runs on their terms and that is experienced by many customers as very pleasant. This sounds good, but what exactly is a Chatbot?

The Chatbot

Chatbots are computer programs that, based on rules and artificial intelligence, can converse with people. It is a chat interface in which the Chatbots ask questions and give information on the basis of the given answers or the questions asked. This ensures smooth, efficient communication with the target group that has access to all the necessary information without much effort.

In short, communication automation via a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger is a win-win situation for both you and your customers. It is therefore not without reason that this is the new tool for marketing automation.

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