Why now is the moment to change business processes


Post by: Chatbots.expert

Published on April 7, 2020

The corona-virus crisis has a serious impact on the business of all size companies, and it will probably only grow over time. As perhaps most affected by the new situation, we can single out companies operating in the aerospace, tourism, hospitality or sports industries that seem to have completely lost control of their destiny. On the other hand, companies such as Zoom, Amazon, or those involved in food delivery, are experiencing an absolute boom. Somewhere between these two extremes is the majority of those others who, in this crisis, found themselves more or less ready to survive. Some of them were more fortunate, but all of them found themselves in a later stage of business development when they have a significant number of customers and the financial resources at their disposal. There are also quite a number of those who were just getting ready to conquer the market with only some money raised from investors. All of them are aware that many factors determine their future – how quickly they will spend money and how long existing cash reserves will last, but also how long customers will be able to continue to pay for a product or service.

If you find yourself lost during this unexpected situation, maybe this text will help you to change your mindset and give you another perspective.

It’s no secret that some of the largest global companies today are founded in times of economic crisis. You can find General Motors, Disney, KFC, Whatsapp, Airbnb and many more.
Think about what is common to all these companies.

“Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”
C William Pollard Former Chairman/CEO of Service Master Co

Now is the perfect time to unlock the true why, how, what, who, when and where of your business.

Learn how your company can adjust and how to make your communication more effective because crises may be really good timing for innovation. Remember, there are incremental and radical changes in everything in life.
Chatbots.expert might definitely have the right solution in this unexpected times.

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