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Travel and Ticketing

Find your trip, book your trip
Order tickets for a festival or other activity


Ask for a general information
as a coach for the patients


For all general questions
Reporting a malfunction


For questions about the order status
For direct conversion
General customer questions or complaints


As a coach for the student
For general questions


Why Chatbots ?

Chatbots zijn altijd 24/7 online en antwoorden direct.

Chatbots are always online 24/7 and respond immediately.

Chatbots zijn eenvoudig benaderbaar via bestaande platformen zoals Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Chatbots are easily accessible via existing platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Chatbots automatiseren een groot deel van uw klantcontact

Chatbots automate a large part of your customer contact.

Example bots (3)

The Right Spot is the Ultimate nightlife Chatbot. Always finding the nicest bars, restaurants and parties near you.
Connected to the Facebook Graph API this Chatbot has the most actual data.


Our chatbot is online! Use it for all your questions about biological medication!


Chatbots.Expert Presents Their New Bot for M& M's

Our USP’s

  • >15 years of experience in online services
  • Broad business experience
  • Track record on change management
  • In-depth knowledge of process management
  • GDPR and Data Security Specialists

Our services

Chatbot strategy
Chatbot strategy
Conversational UX / UI
Conversational UX / UI
Chatbot development and implementation
Chatbot development and implementation
Chatbot courses
Chatbot courses


Do you also want to know what a Chatbot can do for your company? Curious about the applications? Together with you and your colleagues we like to brainstorm with you about the possibilities of the Chatbot for your company. Concrete objectives make it extra insightful. For example, increasing customer satisfaction by shortening the waiting time or saving on staff costs by having the Chatbot answer incoming questions.
Spar with us in a two-hour strategy session and come to surprising insights! We offer you this session in our Chatbot.Lab at our location in Etten Leur. Make an appointment soon!

About us

chatbot icon is a young company that has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in coming up with and building chatbots in a very short amount of time. Customer contact in every form flows through our veins. Whether it is a call center for customer service or a sales department, has extensive experience in this area. Curious what a chatbot can mean for your company? Feel free to contact us via our chatbot and experience it yourself. Of course we would also like to inform you personally and discuss the possibilities for your company.

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